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This Week's Dive Schedule

American Dream Dive Charters is proud to offer a number of charter options. The American Dream II sails morning, afternoon, evening or night, 7 days a week. Custom charters and group discounts are available as well, so please call or e-mail us if you have an inquiry regarding a rate.

Dive Type
Charter Rate
2-Tank Day, per person
3-Tank Day, per person
2-Tank Night, per person
1-Tank Night, per person
Rider/Snorkeler, per person
Four Hour Full Boat Charter, 24 passengers max.
$30.00 for each additional passenger
Six Hour Full Boat Charter, 18 passengers max.
$30.00 for each additional passenger
Eight Hour Full Boat Charter, 15 passengers max.
$30.00 for each additional passenger


*Full boat charter prices are week day prices call for weekend pricing*


Rental Gear
Charter Rate
Tank Air 80cu.ft.
Computer (Wrist Mount)

Charter Policies

Only Captain may cancel trip due to weather or sea conditions.
Wholesale prices include a discount for on time payment.
Invoices not paid on time will have all discounts removed and begin accruing a 1.5% finance charge the 1st of every month.
Prices listed valid 07/01/2018 and may be changed without notice.

For reservations, please call Captain Todd or Chris Rogers
of ADDC, Inc. at (954) 577-0338.

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